Alienware M11x Gets New Intel Core i3, i5 & i7 CPUs and NVIDIA Optimus!

The out of this world laptop/netbook: Alienware M11x!

Alienware M11X - 11,6"

Engadget has always been one of my favourites website to check out every time i'm online. Today(or yesterday time posted) i am quite literally surprise reading a post about Alienware M11x. A superb gaming laptop/netbook by Alienware that is honestly, on the top of my wish list this year.

The reason being, back in April, there were rumors that the Alienware M11x lineup might be getting an Intel Core i3, i5 & i7 update plus the convenient of automatic graphic switching by means of NVIDIA Optimus. Back then it was just rumors. That article can be read here.

Today, Engadget posted that our very own Dell Malaysia had quietly updated their Alienware M11x lineup with the latest Intel Core i-series processors and NVIDIA Opitmus automated graphic. Now, if you're a Malaysian reader, you have got to be proud to be Malaysian. As Dell Malaysia was ahead of their counterparts in the US of A and UK to update this lineup. Article here.


i am also happy to say that i am so lucky not to order one for myself, as i had previously planned to do so earlier this year. So my wait(or rather precisely my lack of funds) has proven to be a blessing because now, when i (do)have enough funds, i could get the latest hardware for the Alienware M11x. Instead of the outdated Core 2 Duo that was used in the previous model.

This is a geeky post, i know. Well of course i am so exited. That means when i (if)finally got one, i could finally play my Resident Evil 5 game in which my current laptop couldn't handle it.

Here is another sleek pic of Alienware M11x.

Alienware m11x AlienFX Lighting

First pic is by RueDuCommerceLeLabo via flickr.
Second pic is by Jason.Cheung via flickr.

Dell Malaysia Alienware page link here.