What's Up Dog?

Well it is a three days weekend here in my beloved country Malaysia. So how is/was yours? is it any good? Mine is currently as boring as every single one of my weekends. i just sat in front of my laptop the whole day and bored myself close to death. Not dead death, close but nothing near fatal. Get it? Neither do i.


Actually last Friday, i was supposed to take someone out to dinner, as i had promised her couple of days earlier. However i did something that is really a guy shouldn't do. Canceling at the last minute. i know. i know. i know! i know! Of course it's my bad. i had something came up that needed to do. Ummm.. okay, i didn't. There i've said it. i took a nap that had become too long of a nap and completely forget about my promise.

Now she's giving me the no talking/responding treatment. Okay, i know i deserve that. i do hope that i am just overreacting and/or blowing this situation out of proportion; that i just misunderstood her silence. Well to be honest though, i never really actually ever get girls. i just don't know what the heck that they want from me and/or want me to do.

Which is why i am still alone right now. Yeah.


Happy weekend everybody!

Pic via Oh, Internet!.