Consequences Of Not Updating Your Blog For 2 Weeks.

Here there guys. i know i haven't been updating my blog for almost two and a half weeks now. It's just that for the past couple of weeks i was feeling uninspired. Well duh?! i have said about this a lot already, right, you are right my good friend.

The thing is, i am online during those times, but i just didn't have the feeling to talk or write about anything. Been caught up with the EMO feeling again. Not forgetting to mention that i've just recovered from coughing, flu and high fever. Unfortunately i am not fully restored to normal yet.

Perhaps this was due to me not maintaining a healthy life style. Yeah, i just can't remember when was the last time i've exercise. i know, yikes right. For someone who use to be active sometime ago, being this way is not good. Not good at all.

So anyway, lets get to the actual topic that i wanted talk about. What happens to a blog when it is not updated for about two weeks.

Here the thing, for someone who tries to get sometime out of one's blog (money of course), not updating meant like killing your own blog. So what would happen?

1. Losing readers.
When one decided to blog on the internet, of course the initial intention was that their thoughts, views, opinions and or feelings to be heard, albeit in another form or way. Previously my so called "readers" or perhaps appropriately called "visitors" are around 50-80 per day and now i get like 10-30 per day only. Sucks. i know, my writing really sucks that bad.

2. Losing Potential Interested Ads Buyer.
When you are losing readers, you have to be prepare that you are also losing potential readers that may like or want to buy something from the advertisement that you've put up onto your blog. Losing those people meant that you are no longer getting any money from the advertisements that you've put up. Like my blog.

When i started my blog way back in 2005, i was at that time, dream and hope that i could made it my full time "job". Now five years later, i am still yet to achieve that dream. Hahaha.. though fortunately, since that, i do blog consistently and the hits for my blog ascend to a point that i did not think that i could achieve back 5 years ago. Although still not yet enough.

So right now, the only 3 main ads that is giving me some revenue are:

1. Google Adsense.
2. Advertlets.
3. Text Link Ads.

Adsense has yet to give me any substantial amount of revenue as the biggest amount that i got was like just $1.00USD. Hahahaha.. Well that is justify due to my jumble topics and contents. Also the fact that currently my readership base is mix between the USA and other countries.

Advertlets is a local South East Asia blog advertising company. Like Google Adsense, Advertlets has yet to give me any revenue worth to blog about. The good thing is though, Advertlets consistantly giving me some earnings based on daily impression, even if its like just RM0.0X per day. Yes, you heard me. RM 0.0X cents only.

Text Link Ads is the only blog advertiser at the moment that is by far giving me a very good revenue. However, it require a blog with somewhat high daily unique hits. Unfortunately i don't remember how much is it exactly. If your blog is qualified to run TLA, then i can assure you that, if you can maintain updating your blog every day, your revenue will grow every month.

i was surprise at the start of this year when my blog finally qualified to run their ads. i was at the time update my blog about twice a day, by using schedule post of course. Hahaha.. So now my total tally after 4 months is about $70USD, although is seems not much but convert into our currency it is like 3 times worth. i got that from about 7 ads spot sold to advertiser. Each blog is given 10 ads spots.


My dream of being a full time blogger(please don't laugh at me) is most likely going down the drain. Hahahahaha.. Okay, not. Just that now i have to work really really hard to come up with really good post that one time reader would come back again and subscribe. Not impossible i know, if i put my mind to it.