VACATION!! Is In Need Of A Relaxing Vacation By Myself.

Sick. Tired. EMO. Frustrated. Dejected.

Currently i am feeling sick of just doing the same routine all the time which is sleep, eat & work. Sometimes i wish there are better things to do and enjoy my life. i am somewhat frustrated with everything at the moment.

Fortunately, i'm just so damn good at hiding my feelings from others. It's just that occasionally i vented my anger & frustration here in my blog. Luckily no one ever read this blog. Although the thing that i am most frustrated about is her. In my stupid immature little mind, i imagine that my whole world would make sense, if she was to be with me. Unfortunately life does not work that way.

Of course, that is just a damn naive dream & hope.

Yes, just as you might have guessed. i am thinking of her right now, which is the reason being why i am sounding really EMO. Gosh, it is not right if you're thinking about someone and you're feeling frustrated. That thought is just so wrong. Right?! i don't know. i am not in the right state of mind right now.

My mind is so freaking tired.

i need to be free for a while. Free from the pressures of work. Free from the pressures of life. Free from the thoughts and the beautiful sight of her. Free from missing someone who does not give damn about me(gosh, so damn naive & stoopid). Free from the fear of losing everything and particularly losing her.

i want to get out of here. i want to run away. At least a decent vacation. Like here, swimming(although i don't swim) in the crystal clear water of Bay of Fires, Tasmania in Australia.

Oh well this is just a dream. Dreaming of a beautiful vacation all by myself. Unfortunately, i don't have the budget to travel to Australia. ~sigh~ Well, just a dream then.

Via 9Gag, The Age and Total Luxury Australia.