Oh My Dull & Boring Life.

Yeah, i know. i am using two identical in meaning words to describe my life. Which, if you were to ignore the broken grammar and low quality in English language that i am writing in, you should go beyond that and realized how god damn dull my life is. Yeah, no kidding.

Although i am in "nature" a very calm and quite person. i used to be active back in the day, schooling days that is.. Well now in the working environment, i felt that i quite almost literally no time for myself. Tired from work, my only place to chill is home sweet home.

Okay, lets back up a little, its not like i don't like it at home. In fact i pretty much love it so much that i began to be sick of it. i did mention yesterday that i wanted to run away from all of this even if it is for a while. Perhaps i needed to give myself a break from the frantic chaotic life.

Or.. i could make my life more interesting to live in. Much like this video.

Looping Around The House from Si on Vimeo.

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