Feverish Weekend.. Again!!

It seems that at the start of my 2010 is not good. For about a few weekends already that i have been ill during the weekend. This weekend is my third weekend that i have been sick, starting last Friday with coughing; actually it's been quite a while, then lighting strike like headache and slowly rising high fever.

My fever would always start like that. Sometimes a sudden lighting strike like headache or a slow build up pressuring one. Although on which part of my head it is not consistent, sometimes the headache would attack on the back of my head, some other times it would start on either side of my head.

This could meant either i am no longer taking good care of myself or my body could no longer cope with new mutated diseases. Yeah, mutated as in zombie like. Hahaha.. you do know i'm kidding right? Unfortunately in my observation during or whenever i'm sick with flu or fever, i find that people around me would easily infected from me. i guess that, if i was to become a zombie, i would be like the big boss of zombies. Hahahaha..

So anyways, last Friday, i was suddenly hit with high fever with flu. It was about an hour after lunch that i felt my body as if it was on fire, even though i sat directly under the air flow of the air conditioning. In which the coldness inside the office didn't help at all, instead it makes me feel a lot worse. As at time i would feel it was too cold, the after a while from putting on my coat, i would feel terribly hot; and that went in circles until the end of day. i finished up as fast as my sick body and mind could.

Arriving home, i immediately went to sleep. Although it didn't help at all. My headache was getting worse and i felt like i was burning on the stakes. Finally after relentless pressure from my mom to take a couple of Panadols tablets, i gave in and took it.

i hate taking such pills. i prefer to sleep it off for the night, where usually it works. Unfortunately not that night though. i also drank a lot of water to cool off through out the night in which again did little to help me.

My Saturday yesterday was just a lay in bed day. That whole day my mom again pressured me to go to the clinic but i declined because i really didn't like meeting the doctor. Nothing of interesting happened yesterday. Until today, i finally gave in and went to the clinic, well after serious pressure from my mom, as i prefer to stay at home.

i finally went to a clinic today, after the last visit which was 7 YEARS ago! Damn.. i wish i could make it to 10 years. i guess now i have to start all over. Damn it.

Update: i realized that it was my dad that persuaded my mom to bring me to the clinic today, as he is also suffering coughing since last Monday. Actually i am feeling better already, just that i'm still coughing like a 70 year old man. So, going to the clinic is just a waste of money. i could've just drink warm lime juice to clear out my throat. Wasteful of money. Damn it.