When History And Superheroes Collide.

i was reading my favourite magazine today, yeah.. reading.. oh ssorry.. i forgot to mention that i'm on a three days holiday since last Wednesday. Okay going back to my story just now. i was reading my favourite magazine, Wired, the January 2010 issue.

My favourite column today is the What's Wired This Month. The number 5 image on the page 048 really cracked me up. Why? Because.. see it for yourself, i know some of you haven't.


The pic of the young Fidel Castro visiting Washington in 1959, and being under the watchful eye of Batman is just pure geeky awesomeness! Also, does the young Fidel Castro looked eerily like Liam Neeson for some cosmic reason to you? Well it does to me. Cosmic.. 

After seeing the short piece in the magazine, and thank god that the writers provided the link of the pic on the net, i began my relentless search for the AWESOME pic. Okay, its not as hard as it sounds really. Again thank god, we have Google and Tiny URL for this. Every information is just at the click of the mouse.
So now, who created the pic? 

The pic, and series of them, are made by Indonesian artist, Agan Harahap. Apart from his Super Heroes series pic appeared on Wired, they are also featured on the Telegraph online. Now is cool or what? 

More of Agan Harahap:

If you like Wired magazine as i do, get it through the link here.