Welcome To The New Star Fucks Coffe!

Another pic from the holy grail that is the internet that got me seriously lol'ing all day. Come on?! Who in their right mind wouldn't?

Not only that it is so freaking funny, it is just purely awesome. It got me wondering, how in the hell that the person in charge of making that sign and the person that should be inspecting it and also the owner of the franchise itself could've missed that? Its mind boggling for sure.

Star Fucks?! Hahahahahaha.. if the decision is left for me to decide, i would surely and undoubtedly kept that sign. For what? For exposure, for its uniqueness, for its "name value".. ddduuuhhh?!! didn't you go to business school? Hahahahaha...

After much much serious effort into "researching" for the origin of the pic, not forgeting to mention the amount of porn related sites connected to the word "fuck", i find that the original post was written by Liuzhou Laowai. Hopefully that is the person's name. The blog itself is quite interesting too. Lots of pictures, well written(unlike mine), and neatly done too.  

So there you go, if you're having a hectic and feeling the Monday Blues, i hope this pic would help you get the stress out. It certainly helped me.

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