Hannibal Kitty.

After seeing the pic below, i just can't describe how i felt about it. Have you guys ever saw something that is just inappropriately stoopid and ask yourself, "What the fuck are they thinking?" i had that moment when i saw the pic below.


Though.. wait for it, in somewhat ironic and strange twisted mind of.. mine, i somehow think it is brilliant in.. some way.. or another. Because.. think of it, like Hannbal Lecter, Hello Kitty is the evil in the world right? Its everywhere! You can see it conceived as everything. i do mean EVERY FREACKING THING. Now tell me one thing that has not been made into a Hello Kitty version of something.

Musical Instrument? BAM! It has been done. 

Firearms, maybe? Are you freacking kidding me? Yes, BAM! It has been done.


Home Appliances? Well my friend, BAM!! All that you could ever think of has been DONE!

 Much like Hannibal Lecter

Hello Kitty is evil. So, the person who made that convergence of two evil characters, is either really smart or demented or perhaps.. both. Hahahaha.. Please don't take this seriously though, if you do however, this guy will ripped you apart.