Dark Chocolate For A Darkened Emotion.

It's weekend again people. Who and where ever you guys are, i do hope that you guys have/had a good weekend. i haven't been active for the past couple of weeks. Busy with stuffs.. Naaahhh.. i just felt uninspired, tired and so down. Self inflict emotional problem. Yeah, i know.. again!

Yes, i did mention that i wanted to get over it.

i know that i should stop being and letting my stoopid endless unrequited love feeling get the better of me. By abandoning my blog, i can see "my readership" numbers slowly decline. i could say at that moment in time, i couldn't care less about it but then again, seeing this shitty blog does have/had/get/got some kind of attention, does excites me anyway.

Its just that my personal issues does get in the way of me getting inspired and motivated to write.

So, what i did was, i got myself a box of dark chocolate. i love dark chocolate. Usually when i got depressed, dark chocolate would certainly be my way of getting rid of the things thats bothering me. The one that i got is made by Tudor Gold. i believe its a local chocolate company.

Even without the prior medical knowledge of the benefits of eating dark chocolate, i felt that whenever i'm feeling down, sad or depressed, by eating dark chocolate i felt the negative feeling would subside and gone away.

If you wanted the medical facts, so here are some of it:

# it stimulates Endorphin production, which gives a feeling of pleasure.
# it contains Serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant.
# it contains Theobromine, Caffeine and other substances which are stimulants.

Of course don't just take this all from me. Try it if you're feeling down, i'm sure you'll feel a little better afterward. Okay, probably you might think that this is a paid post. Oh how i wish it is. So Tudor Gold, if you're reading this, do contact me, we can arranged something out. (i need money)

Seriously though, its not a good feeling when all this stoopid depressing feelings and thoughts plaguing your mind. Its a self inflict mental and emotional hell. So for now, i probably would have to stock pile my supplies of dark chocolates.

Dark Chocolates benefits:
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Mitch said…
Dark chocolates has been known to be a happy food. It gives a feeling of delightfulness. So next time share your happiness through these chocolates. I hope you're feeling better always.
ruki kenishiro said…
Thank you for commenting and the encouragement my friend. i do hope that i would find my happiness someday..


If i did have some kind of hapiness moment with my favourite chocolates, i will post them.

Again, thanx a lot for giving the encouraging comment.