Cheer Up Monday Blues.

Hey guys, its Monday again. How was or is your day? Its 11pm right now, at the point of me writing this sentence. i am hoping that you are having or had a good day. Mine was some what meh.. you know, just another boring day.

i also think that i might have caught something. i don't feel good, feeling lost of energy, my throat hurts and also my body is feeling hot and cold at the same time. Hopefully i won't be having a fever anytime soon.

Perhaps some of the symptoms are just the product of Monday Blues, although the sore throat and the uneven body temperature that i am currently feeling is real. If you are feeling the same today(the Monday Blues), try and cheer yourself up by doing this.

Type "who's the cutest?" inside Google search box and click I'm Feeling Lucky. i know it'll cheer you up.