CHEESEBURGER JOSH: Can i Has Cheez Burgerz?

How is it going people? Good? Well, for me it is not good though. As for the past week i am not in good health. i have been feverish for a couple of days, luckily just a couple of days of flu and now i am coughing like crazy! In fact, the whole family is not feeling healthy right now.

Hence the lack of update for about a week or so now. Although during my week of absence i did/do still online but with me not feeling well, i was not inspired to "write" anything.

So anyways, today i am feeling somewhat better. So i present to you guys another would be GEM of the internet. A VIRAL and MEME now for sure.


Apparently this guy goes by the name of Josh just wanted a simple cheese burger, and oh man.. he wanted it so BADLY and quite AGGRESSIVELY. Even when his friend threatened to leave him there alone, so that he would make himself look stupid alone, didn't deterred him from further making a fool of himself.

Maybe he didn't realized that everything is going into YouTube these days, he continued to harass the fast food restaurant employee. Fortunately to a hilarious incident.

Hightlights from the hilarious video.

1. Friend's of Cheeseburger Josh: "i am gonna leave you. 1... 2... 3... i'm leaving."
2. "i whooped all your ass!"
3. Some lady in the background, "go home!"
4. Cheeseburger Josh: "come get some!"
Epic Bearded Guy: "i had some.." <--- LOL!!!
5. "i will beat you all over your french fries!!"
6. An unexpected disclosure of Cheeseburger Josh's milky white buttocks. <---- LOL!!
7. Unfortunately non appearance of the frontal headline is a bit of a let down. As that would certainly meant the video will be cemented on the Internet Wall Of Fame.. i meant shame.

This video is seriously going around like crazy right now and after just a day or so, there are a couple of parody videos about it. i absolutely love it. Here they are:

Shock and Appalled Cat's reaction seeing the video.

Hitler's reaction for not having a cheeseburger too.

So there you are. i am Ruki Kenishiro, and this is my analysis of the Cheeseburger Josh video. i hope you guys like it.

Thanx to Buzzfeed for the link. Here.

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P/s: If you guys are reading this from my Facebook notes, you WILL NOT see the video. Click View Original Post to see it. Click it NOW! or i whoop your ass. Hahahahahaha...