Quote About Life.

"Life is like a freaking roller coaster, only screaming till your lungs burst makes the ride less frightening." ruki kenishiro.

Well, i think that's one of my best quote that came out of my mouth. If by any chance that you guys liked it, do link it here so that at the very least i would get a bit of recognition for a bit of intelligence that i unfortunately have, or had. Whichever suit the moment. Hahaha..

Perhaps you guys might wonder, how in the hell i could have came up something as cosmic as the quote above. Well, like i said. It is cosmic. =) We can't understand everything that is going on all around the universe do we?

So, how do we interpret the meaning behind the quote itself?

This is how i would put it. Life itself is unpredictable, often not as what we would expected and of course like a roller coaster, sometimes we're at the top of the ride. Sometime we're at the bottom, and some unfortunate times, we're in a loop. Frightening and exciting.

So to reduce the anxiety, nervousness, anticipation and fear that came naturally in life, we should scream our lungs out. Literally or not, its up to you. Perhaps the best description that i would say is, just enjoy the ride.

How do you interpret my quote?