How To Delete The Useless Facebook Application You've Authorized.

i know most of you guys have a Facebook profile. Unfortunately, recently there's a freacking lot of this pointless and stoopid Facebook applications spamming our news feed and profile wall post. All of them are freacking annoying!

Here's a little tip, in order not to spread its infection.

If you're by any chance were given one of those stoopid apps on you're news feed or wall post, don't click "SENT BACK" or "LIKE" or "COMMENT". That will spread the stoopid apps to your other friends. Just hover your cursor on the apps top right corner to REMOVE it and clean up your wall post. You could also click on the one at the bottom right which says BLOCK APP.

If you want to do a clean up on all the previous unused stoopid apps that you've allowed to access your profile, here's how.

  1. On the far right top corner, click on ACCOUNT.
  2. As the menu scrolled down, click on APPLICATION SETTINGS.
  3. You should see there's another scroll down menu next to the word Show. Select AUTHORIZED.
  4. All the apps that you have authorized to publish on you news feed and profile wall should be here.
  5. If you're no longer using any one or all of the apps, the simple step to get rid of it, is just click on the [X] to remove.

i do hope that my simple tutorial should help.