Hopeless Love Series.. Conclusion?!

First of all, i would like to apologize to my imaginary blog readers(imaginary of course), for feeding you guys with my crappy emo'ing, unrequitted love shittyness. This roller coaster emo'ing feeling started well, in February, as you all know has that stoopid "lovers" day thingy in it. But of course i don't give a freacking crap about such a pointless day. Though i've been in such stoopid shitty unrequited love feeling long since i've known her.

It's just that somehow, i began to think about how stoopid of me for being such an emo fag for such a long time. My feelings for this one gurl has somehow put me in such a terrible state. The thing is, none of this, the state that i'm in, was or of her doing. She has done nothing to hurt me, just that i couldn't handle the fact that she wanted us to be nothing more that just friends. i obviously wanted more. Duh?!

Well, she's just that you know, the kind of people that you'd want to spend the rest of your life with. Just looking at her, brings a moment of bliss into my life. Her character is just pleasant and cheerful. The kind where you'd want to see after a long tiring day. i did wrote about the things that i love about her a couple of years back, here.

Well i guess some of you might have known this kind of story before, or perhaps you have been in this situation before. Being keeping the feelings i have for her these past 4 years has really taken its toll on me. i failed to realize that it pointless for me to be this way, if its not meant to be then, i should let her go and move on.

So, is there any conclusion to this stoopid story of mine that i kept repeating time and time again? i honestly don't know. Only time will tell. 

Current fav song, Two Is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls. If you're reading this from my Facebook notes, you will not see this video.

i think i should throw this nasty heart of mine away... Hahahaha..

P/s: Sorry guys, for such a stoopid post. This is, still my personal blog after all. My usual Rock Out Post should resume soon. Hopefully i won't still be in such an emo mood.