Something Is So Definitely Wrong With This Picture.

Unfortunately for the past few days, i've failed to update and post anything new on me blog. Well it's because when i got home from work, i just felt so freacking tired and uninspired. i just can't think or write anything. Even though i still got online but i was at lost of idea to even copy and paste anything. This week has been a really tiring week.

Mentally tired and uninspired are not a good friend of a blogger.

So anyway, its weekend right now. Although i am still having no such life at the moment, well my life is such a freacking bore. Nothing really ever going on.Tired, Uninspired, Lonely & Rejected.. story of my life.


Okay.. This picture that i came across today though has really cracked me up. Seriously a LOL pic to date. If you can't see what is wrong with this picture after reading the caption below, then i just have to let that question sink itself in into your head. For now.

Something is so "fucking" definitely wrong with this picture. Pun seriously fucking intended.

12 months?! Who's your daddy, baby?

Hahahahahaha.. this lady has some freacking serious explaining to do. 12 months?!