So Tired, Uninspired & Bored!

Today(Monday), was a tiring day for me. Hectic day at work. i don't need to go into details. As my life is just a freacking bore, i don't have to torture you guys(my imaginary readers) all about it. At the time of me typing this sentence out, it's 12:30am Tuesday 05/01/2010.

Gosh, it is still hard for me to type/write the year 2010. i still felt like living in 2009. Okay, i know it's just me. i know that now, i am that stoopid.

 [i wish i have a gf as cute as her.. ~sigh~ only in my dreams]

Anyways, as you guys know. i am a guy with a broken heart(totally unrelated i know). Pffff... and i do like gurls. Today i came across a really cute blogger goes by the name of chuckei baby.

One thing that i always jealous of is, how some of these cute bloggers have the neatest blogs. Unlike mine, it all cluttered and boring. So fucking noobs of me don't cha think?

The thing i like about chukei baby's blog is her template. Its just.. how to put it?! Okay. It freacking NEAT!
Her placement of Tweets, Profile, Ads and others are just neatly done. Yet she does not over do it with all the cliché girly styling such as blinding pink, flowerly, glitters and what not.

Her chosen background of fabric like motives are a delight to my eyes. It compliments the neatness of her blog, making it looked almost professionally done.

Before i close today's post and get my necessary sleep. i would like to congratulate her on making her blog an enjoying read. Keep it up chuckei baby! 

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