Another Boring Sunday Until: An Almost Accident!

Today was another boring day for me. As probably you might have guess from countless of my weekend ramblings. i did not overslept today, yeay! As usually my wake up time on Sundays would always be noon. Thanks to my mom actually, as she wanted to go out so she asked me if i wanted to tag along.

We went for breakfast at Madli's restaurant. Actually i wanted to go to Kaya & Toast but since i've parked next to Madli's so my dad proposed to eat there instead. The thing about Madli's is, it seems that we have never had our orders as what we want to be there.

i don't even know why, their roti canai seems to be finished so early; as it was 10am. Funny thing is Madli's usually open around 9am, it couldn't have possibly be finished in an hour. Today was the same, their yellow mee was also finished, the only noodle type that is available was mee hoon & kuey teow.

i wanted to get nasi ayam but they only serve it after 2pm. In my head i was like wtf?! Eventually we just ordered the other stuff anyway as we're already hugry. Luckily their laksa was delicious, if not it would just be a waste of my mum's money. Hahaha...

So afterwards we when to Bintang Mega Mall. i just went to window shop, while my mum & sister got themselves a handbag and a pair of sandals respectively. It's not like i'm such a cheap person, its just that i'm saving every single cents at the moment for my car auto insurance renewal & road tax. Amount of which are high for a first and new car.

Probably after that part settled i could do some shopping myself. i do, however have a very extensive list of things to get. Yup, i can spend my money blindly without thinking. For now i am trying very hard to restraint myself from buying unnecessary things which mostly are in my list of things to get.

There was a shuffle dance competition going on there, though i'm not interested to watch.

i did however stunned at the sight of people queuing at the McDonalds though. Hahaha.. Luckily my plan of bringing a friend to hang out at McDonalds was cancelled. If not, she and i would wait in line for ages!

Hahaha.. Being the only McDonalds restaurant in town, that place is always freacking packed in weekends.

i did anyway bought a book by a local writer, entitled Pasca Manusia. Though when my sister saw me reading it, she laughed because she has bought all three series. Well how should i know right? She didn't tell me.

So now, this is where the story get interesting. We decided that we had enough of window shopping for the day.

i was the driver for the trip and as we reached a junction to the main road, i gave my signal to turn. A car was approaching not far from the junction i was supposed to go out.

My intention was to break and stop at that junction as the car was close. Unfortunately i hit the accelerator by mistake, i almost panic but luckily i regained myself and just raced out. That car approaching car was behind me, blew his horn.

The car then overtook me, slowed down and signaling to the the left to stop and gesturing with his hand to get me to stop as well. The driver got out of the car, as i lowered my window, asked me if i didn't see his car closing in at me. i did not answer him as i was finding words to reply. When he got no response from me, took out his wallet and showed me a card.

A police ID, he is an off duty cop. He asked for my driving license and took a look at my car's plate number. He gave me back my driving license and told me to be careful next time. i was like, fuuh.. Relieved. Usually other people would just horned and move on. Haha..

Forgive me if i sounded like i'm taking this matter lightly. Yes, i do aware of the implication of not giving full concentration on the road, fatal, yes i know that.

It just that after countless weekends where i have had such a boring life, it's just today i had something interesting to blog about. Of course it is not a joking matter, i am aware of that. Yeah.. Such a lame excuse.

So yeah, i've had a somewhat an interesting day today. How was yours?

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