Time To Bounce Back, But How?!

It's time for me to bounce back. Get rid of the bullshit that's hanging around my neck for quite sometime now. Honestly though, i have no really freaking clue on how am i gonna do that. i can't just living like this anymore.

Putting my life on hold.

The thing is, i did that all myself. i'm the one that's collecting all that bullshit and strung it around my freaking neck. i gathered all of this unnecessary weight and carried it on my shoulders, where i should've just let some if not most of it go.

Perhaps i should rethink what i want for myself. As i am putting my life on hold because of i'm waiting for something that i myself know, i could never get. Hope. Hope can be the most important thing in a person's life. Yet for me, my hope is downright pointless & useless.

Even when all the clues & signs are clearly against me, yet i'm still hopeful that, that something would be mine someday. That sounded stupid now isn't it? i know.