Streamyx Is Sucking Again Today. Part 2.

Its already late at night. Midnight to exact. Today or rather yesterday(Monday), the internet connection, "broadband" that i've subscribed to, was and still is, being so freacking stupid. In which it is slowing itself down to point i would seriously believe, slower than a fucking dial up.


Okay, i might be over dramatic here. The thing is for the past three days already, the "broadband" connection has been sucky. Sucky sweaty hairy balls. God! Okay, that is just blasphemy. Haha.. Unfortunately, i can't contain my frustration.

Something should have been done to rectify this problem. i believe the whole freacking town is affected. The people in charge, should've done something to identify what causes this problem. i prefer not to lodge a complaint, as it would be a waste of my time. i prefer wasting my time doing something that would not make me feel angry.

As in the words of Bruce Banner, "Please don't make me angry, you don't like it when i'm angry."

So, i'm back here to where i'm started, swearing at the freacking turtle freacking pace "broadband". Damn You!

Does this picture explain it all? You be the judge. Haha.. Who made this anyway?