Ramblings Of A Loser.


i am feeling.. rather down. Reason being, tomorrow or today to be exact, is Monday. i am feeling the Monday Blues maybe, i don't know. Monday is the day people love to run their errands. Usually Monday people would be all rushy and rude, which is a vicious cycle. As if people were allowed to be rude on Mondays and be in a bad mood all day. It is freacking stupid don't cha think?


i am feeling.. lonely. i am thinking about her, the one that my heart yearns so dear. Yet she chose someone else. i think this is where it leads to eventually. Whenever i'm alone and feeling lonely, my thoughts would somehow leads to her. i wanted so bad that she would return/feeling the same way that i am feeling for her.

i wanted so bad that i didn't realize that i am putting my life on hold just because one girl. i know it is naive and selfish to think that she could only choose me, that she does not have any say/choice of whoever she wanted to be with. i am so stupid.


i am feeling sleepy, should've blog about something a lot more meaningful but didn't. Sleep now.