My Life In Fiction: Please God Let Me Keep Her Smile.

My Life In Fiction: Please God, Let Me Keep Her Smile.

[My life is a boring circle of routine. Honest. It's a no brainer that no one wants to be a part of it. So i think, i'll just exaggerate about it]

It was just another day of work as usual. i don't like Mondays. Yeah, probably you do too. i don't know, its just that feeling you get. You know, the kind where you feel uneasy in your gut. Heck, i felt it again today. As usual.

For a couple of weeks now, i'm having lack of sleep. Damn Facebook! i laughed at the thought of blaming something that is completely not anyone or anything's fault. i should just blame myself for going to bed so late into the night.

The day is as freaking busy as usual. People like to do their errands on Monday, which all of my colleagues would grunt and complaint about. It is mind boggling to me that Mondays and Fridays are the chosen day for people to frantically finish their errands. Most that comes on those days, are pushy, impatience and rude. Oh well, it's life. Sucks.

Fate. Fate had a different plan. Fate brought her to me, to bright up my; what was about to be a sucky day. She was the customer, i'm the processor.

You know what, i wish there's more people like her. Even through appearance alone one would know that she's from well to do family. The way she dressed and carried herself shows that she living in a well covered life.

Surprisingly she does not act snobbish as one would expected. She was polite, well spoken & humble. She greeted me with that.. god.. beautiful smile. i almost choked on my words as i replied her greetings, "Hello to you too, Miss".
"Miss Cassandra," i mumbled her name. God.. i'm such an idiot. IDIOT! i yelled inside my head, almost saying it out aloud. Stupid.

She told me what she wanted to do, i tried to listen carefully but was distracted by the way she mouth her words. i noticed she has a cute dimple on her right cheek. Luckily i managed to understand what she wanted me to do. As she finished explaining, again, she gave me that mesmerizing smile. Cute. Sweet.

God.. i must look like an idiot as i smiled back to her, as i nodded, "Sure thing Miss." i looked through her application and realized that she haven't sign her signature on the provided column. i placed her application before her and pointed to the place where she needed to sign. "Sign here please."

"Oh.. sorry.. i totally missed that, sorry." i held up my pen for her to sign, and as she reached for it, her fingers brushed against mine. Wait. Stop. That sounded stupid. Yes, STUPID. i need to rephrase that sentence. Hmm..

She returned her application to me and smile again. God.. i could dream of that smile all day. Damn.. i am working right now. "Please stop smiling. Stop right now, you're distracting me" i thought to myself.

i did my part dutifully. It is my job anyway. Suddenly i felt the sinking feeling, the dream is about to be abruptly awaken. The transaction's done, and she would leave. i handed her copy and said,"here you go, it's done Miss."

It was then that i wouldn't want the moment to end as she carefully looked through her copy and put it inside her files. She turned and gave me.. the sweetest smile ever, "Thank you, bye."
"You're welcome Miss, goodbye to you too."

As she disappear from my sight. i thought to myself, "Please god let me keep her smile."