Long Holiday! Yeay!

Yesterday was the start of my one week holiday, my annual leave, right up until the end of the festive public holiday. So that meant i would be on holiday for about 12 days back to back, counting from the last weekend. After this my annual leave for the year is left 5 days.

Well, what are my plans for long period of holidays? Nothing, i didn't plan any. My major task will be at home. Helping my mum cleaning up the house, rearranging, redecorating and just preparing for the coming Eidul Fitr, or Aidilfitri(Malaysian Spelling).

It is during the cleaning up time this, that i realized that our family just love BOOKS. Just look a snapshot of my table, full of books.

That pile would have to go. Don't want the visitor coming to see the house messy now, do we?