i Am Back To Reading Again.

i could give you guys 1001 reasons why i stopped reading for the past few months. Okay, i couldn't actually give a thousand and one reasons, but a few maybe. The reasons being:

1. i spend lots of my time on Facebook, playing games.
2. i couldn't find any interesting books.
3. i have yet to finish two of my previous books, Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things & Nazri M Annuar's Opera Angkasa, a local Malaysian writer.
4. i have really tight budget, not enough to buy books(books in Malaysia are expensive).
5. i couldn't find the time to read.
6. i didn't feel like reading, apart from light weight stuff, i.e magazines & newspapers.

So since that last week i've got my bonus for the year, i decided to check out some new books to read. My initial intention was to buy a couple of books to give as a birthday present for a friend. i knew that she like books by Charlaine Harris & love to play Sudoku.

i honestly don't get Sudoku, i was like, "What the freack is this thing all about?!". She did taught me briefly on how to do about to solve them, but the funny thing was.. i wasn't paying attention. i was busy watching her instead. Hahaha..

So when i got to the bookstore, Belle's Bookshop. i was practically scanning the bookshelves for Charlaine Harris and Sudoku books. i wanted to get a really hard, tough & challenging Sudoku puzzle books for her, because she's really good at it. Unfortunately i couldn't find any Sookie Stackhouse book series for her. Out of stock.

Luckily there's only one book of Charlaine Harris left, book #7 of Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Last Scene Alive. Imagine that, after an adaptation into an awesome TV series, her books were sold out.

Finally i decided to get my friend the Last Scene Alive & a Sudoku puzzle book. i had them gift wrapped. i  hope that she would like them. i was about to walk out of the store when my eyes caught a glimpse of a book, in which the title just literally jumps out to me; Handling The Undead.

i've always love supernatural horror books, like Xombies, 30 Days of Nights, and The Historian; just to name a few. Handling The Undead was written by a Swedish writer, John Ajvide Lindqvist. Originally his books were written in Swedish, but was translated into English. After reading a couple of paragraphs, i was instantly hooked. i bought it right away,  and when i asked the cashier, i was notified that i bought the only copy, for that moment in time anyway. Only copy.. Wow.. i was really really lucky.

i can't give you guys a review as of yet, with all the stuffs that i have to do for the festive days that's coming soon. i'll try to remember if i managed to finish reading it.

To conclude my ramblings for the day, i am back to reading again. If i wasn't planning to give my friend books for her birthday present, i wouldn't have gotten back to reading again, so to her, i give her my heartiest gratitude.

Thanx Babe.