Howay The Lads!

i have to say that the day that Newcastle United got relegated from the Premier League, i felt devastated. Along with millions of Toon Army all around the world, i felt sad and angry. Angry because the chairman seems like he didn't know anything about running a football club. With a club as massive as Newcastle United, it shouldn't happened.

Unfortunately damage is done. We got relegated, a lot of player has gone out with out any good ones coming in. The squad right now is seriously looking worryingly thin. If any one got injured or suspended, then the team would suffer terribly.

Being the Championship is played more games than the Premier League, a thin squad would certainly stuttered our chances to get back up into the Premier League.

The fact that the ongoing saga of takeover & selling of the club by the current owner is no less frustrating. In my humble opinion, Mike & Co, shouldn't have let go of Kevin Keegan in the first place. As a manager he has the right to choose the players he sees fit his style of play. Anyone would be angry & frustrated if one's master plan is being messed up by someone else.

Again the damage is done.

The focus now is to keep the current player fit & uninjured so that we would get back on the top flight coming May 2010. Impossible it may seems, but a herculean task indeed. Hopefully the few players that left from the previous premiership team are staying and hopefully with their proven quality, we'd be going back to the top flight for sure.


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p/s: The Magpies are currently on top of the championship table. Keep it going lads! Unfortunately Shola Ameobi is rumoured to be on a season long injury.. Dammit!