Howay The Lads! Part 2..

i'm not doing anything tonite. It's already late night or morning to be exact. 15 minutes to 2 am, at the time i'm typing this. Its probably gonna be a lot later in the night/morning when it got published.

Well it's weekend again. Saturday. Or its actually Sunday morning. i've wasted my Saturday again, like my previous Saturdays. At a time where usually people would go out, i stayed at home, sitting my ass in front of the laptop. Wasting away my time away playing games on Facebook.

i could put the blame on the really hot sunny Saturday though. No. Not another freaking excuse. It was a really hot day. Really. i woke up an hour to noon and i sweated like its in hell. Even when the fan is already spinning close to maximum speed.

i should've got up early. As i've planned to wash my car the previous day. Then, the night before i slept late so. Its a no brainer that i got up late.

So i've been doing nothing really than just surfing the web and stuffs. i got an awesome video from Tyne Time. Its the game where Danny Guthrie scored a magnificent goal against Leicester City in the Coca Cola Championship, to bring Newcastle United on top of the table. i don't care what team your supporting, just watched the video i've just posted. Haha..

Howay The Lads!

P/s: if you're reading this from my Facebook notes, you will not see the video. Please click on the "view the original post" to see it. i know. Its really ironic that at the beginning of the video, it displayed The Man Utd Tube. Well its a clear and high quality video, i had to use it. Life's fucking ironic.