i am feeling a bit emo right now. Well much of it is due to i have to go back to work tomorrow after a three days weekend. Today(Monday) is our national independence day, for you international guys out there reading this. So it has been a chill out Monday today. i wished that next year will be like this year as this year a lot of the national public holidays fell on Fridays & Mondays.

So anyways, another part of me feeling a bit blue/emo is because i am thinking about her again. My unrequited love. i know, i've been repeating this over and over again in my blog. i just can't help it okay? hahaha.. Well, my thoughts was much of the same questions that usually plague my mind:

1. What does she see in him?
2. Will she ever return my feelings?
3. What is she doing right now, surely she's spending her time with him?

Well, a lot more stupid questions that my mind came up just to make myself feel down and depressed. The thing is, i am trying as hard as i can not to text her. Even when i know, i would never freaking ever get a reply. i would just waste my time.

Well, enough of that for now. i could bore you guys with my stupid pointless words about her. Which contains nothing but repeated words, sentences, countless paragraphs all about her. So anyways, let me update a few things about me in the past couple of weeks.

Firstly, i've finally changed my LG Viewty mobile phone battery yesterday. My previous one went kaput on me. The fact that i've owned my phone for two years now, so it is no brainer that the shelf live of the battery should be ending. It has been for the past three months that the battery couldn't hold its power. So a change it inevitable.

Secondly, the loan for my laptop has finished about two weeks ago. So now there will some extra budget for me as there is no longer deduction from the loan. i could save a lot more starting this month onwards. i am so happy for that.

The couple of things that left to be paid now is my car and study loans. Oh man..

Well i think that's just about it for now. i've should blog more often though.