Well, i actually didn't tell the whole truth about me feeling so down lately. The REAL reason that i've been feeling down these past few days was the fact that it's my birthday yesterday (Saturday 8th August). Stupid reason now isn't it? Aren't one supposed to feel happy for one's birthday? Unfortunately not me though. It made me depressed even more.

Why you might asked?

Well, one reason is that i feel that my life is a total waste. i'm not contributing anything to myself, my family, my friends and the world.

i feel that:

1. My life has been stagnant/stationary/on hold.
2. My life is hopeless.
3. My life is pointless.

i know the reasons i've repeated a few times in my blog already.

For someone else it could be a day of fun & happiness. A day of gathering with close family & friends. A day to look forward to. Not for me though. i really hope that it could move on as quickly as possible. So that i might forget about it as soon as i can blink my eyes.

i might sound ungrateful. Well which makes the point that i'm making. i don't feel i deserve this life anymore.

My life's soundtrack of the moment.