My Next Week Agenda: Holiday!

i will be taking four days of annual leave next week. Unfortunately though, due to budget constraints, i'll be staying put here. Even though i really wanted to go out of this city for a while, just to clear the mess that i have in my head.

For this year, i am entitled for 16 days of annual leave. i've only taken 2 days! Here i would like that state for the record, i am not workaholic. It's just that, under some few circumstances, made me to postpone or reschedule all my plans to take my annual leave.

Anyways, next week i'll be on holiday for four days from Tuesday the 18th. Plans? Nothing conclusive though. Roughly i'll try to do things that will help me clear the mess in my head.
Such as:

1. Do a lot of window shopping..
2. Go bowling..
3. Go watch movies..
4. Hang out at Starbucks (*hint*hint*)..
5. Clean up my blog..
6. Edit my long overdue poetry book.. (my sist finally have the inspiration for the cover, yes!)
7. Clean up my room..
8. Catch up with some sleep.

One of my dream place to go for holiday is, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Go to St James Park and watch my fave team Newcastle United play there.

Unfortunately i don't think i'll be able to achieve that dream.