i Better Stop Now.

i took another sip of the cappuccino i've made for myself. Nah, i didn't make it using the espresso machine my parents bought me, just used the instant 3 in 1 kind. The kind where you can get at any supermarket.

i find it hard to think tonight. i was thinking about writing something for my blog but i got too distracted by the TV. TV is the creativity killer, or is it just me that being lazy? Usually it's me that just like to be lazy. Just like to be distracted by TV or the stupid video on the internet,

and watching videos of pretty girls.

Cute Brunette.

Cute Asian.

i like watching cute girls video talking about stuffs. i found it really interesting. As my life is not interesting.

i know this is going nowhere. i better stop now.

(if you're reading this from my Facebook notes, you will not see the video, click on the view original post to see the videos i've embedded.)