How To Earn More Money?

i really hate it when these things happens. i don't know the exact word or term to describe it but to put it in lament terms; one bad things happened one after another. In my case it affected my financial side.

i know, after i explained it to you guys, you might think, its nothing compare to your situation but for me its really frustrating.

It started with my wrist watch. The freaking strap broke, cut off completely. Then my main LG Viewty mobile phone battery fucked itself out. i could still use it, and by that i meant just for freaking standby. If there's any calls or text messages came in, it would just shut itself off. Next went with it is my secondary Nokia mobile phone battery. The Nokia phone battery could at least hold itself for a couple of minute of calling.

Then my domain name is due by the end of this month. The car service is also due soon. Here the breakdown of the costs i might incurred in order to get all those things paid/fixed:

1. Wrist watch strap: RM70($18USD)
2. LG Viewty battery: RM120($32USD)
3. Nokia 6233 battery: RM80($21USD)
4. Domain name renewal: RM55($15USD)
5. Car servicing: RM100($27USD) *Which is why i love an eco car*

So that led to the title i mention above, "How To Earn More Money?". Sorry if i misled you, i really need to know. Seriously.

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