The Dream part 2.

i had another frustrating dream about her last night. Just as frustrating as the one that i had a few nights before. i know it is stupid to be upset about something that is unreal such as a stupid dream. A dream is nothing more than just a dream.

My dream was so vivid that emotionally, i kind of affected by it. Yeah, it is stupid. The funny thing was again, i'm able to recall it. i usually forget most of my dreams the moment i'm awake from my sleep. Now, it seems that whenever i dreamt of her, i managed to remember it and be all upset and frustrated. Which is so stupid.

So here it goes. My frustrating dream, part 2.

"It started when i found myself at the entrance of a garden of some sort. At the end of it, a beautiful beach. It was evening. The sun was setting in the horizon, a quarter into the ocean. It felt windy. Although the leaves on the trees nearby didn't move as much. More like a gentle breeze.

i felt puzzled. For a moment i don't know why i am here. Then in the distance, a glimpse of a someone coming towards me. My heart skipped a beat. i know who that person is. It's her. Now its clearly that i'm here for her.

i saw she pointed at something behind me. i turned to see there's a carefully laid blanket on the sand. Only blanket nothing else. i waited for her to go there together. At this point i can't remember walking over there with her. All that i know was, we're already sitting there, watching the sun setting.

i put my hands around her. Drawing her closer to me. She held me back, tighter than i would expected. i liked it very much. It felt nice & romantic. We didn't talk at all during that time. It felt like eternity. From time to time she loosen her hands off me only to hold me back tighter than before.

As if on cue, suddenly all stop. The wind, the moving leaves, and even the ocean waves. Though only for a second or two. She got up and walked to edge of the water. i followed her and stood by her side. She turned to me and smile. God, i love that smile. She turned back looking at the setting sun, "Beautiful isn't it?". i replied, "Yes."

It was surreal to me. She then walked away, i followed closely behind. "We should do this again," i said to her. She turned to me and smile, "Yeah, i like that." To my horror, her image began to break up. Blown away by the wind. i just stood there watching.

As the beach slowly succumbed to the darkness, i just smiled to myself. It is too good to be true. i know she's gone for good. i stood there until the night swallowed me, and i whispered to myself, "Damn!."