My Boring Life Updated..

It has been so long since i've blog. The thing is, i'm actually online every single day, its just that i don't feel like blogging anymore. That plus i'm addicted to playing games on Facebook. Which is where most of my time had gone to.

Vampire Wars! Give me back my wasted time playing you!

God, i'm never gonna get that back.

Unfortunately there aren't any major changes in my life so far.

1. i'm still not getting any richer.
2. i still couldn't get HER to love me back.

Basically, my life is getting suckier by the day. No wonder nobody ever comes to my blog. It's just plain stupid and boring. The only good thing that happened to me is.. wait a minute.. there is nothing good that happens to me. Haha.. i know pathetic right?

Wait.. there's a few things that i wanted to let out.

1. My personal savings hasn't grown a freaking single cent.
2. My LG Viewty is 2 years old now, and its battery is fucked. FUCKED i tell you. Basically that fucking phone is only good for texting nowadays. i couldn't even hold a call for a minute, as the fucking battery would be fucking dead after 60 seconds.
3. i still couldn't save enough to replace my stolen car foglamps. No wonder those motherfucking thieves stole it, each of the foglamps cost about RM500($140USD).
4. End of the year it coming soon, and again i still have yet to save aside some money for the road tax & motor vehicle insurance. Damnit! Everything needs freaking money.
5. i'm just simply frustrated with everything right now.. damn..


Frustration, is probably a suitable word to describe the overall feeling that i'm having. i think that most of this frustration came from my fear of losing her. Even if she was never with me to begin with. i guess that i'm just so afraid that she might be with someone else than me.

That fear grew into frustration. In turn that frustration became my poison. In which i consumed, i breathed, i drank, i ate, i slept with, i dreamt and i let it killing me. i know that i should let that fear of losing her go, and just forget about it. A battle that it seems like i'm struggling to win.

How about that for an update people?

Freaking suck life.

Oh what a pointless life it is.


Anonymous said…
Oiit...I actually read your post. :)