Waking Up With A Fever.

It's Monday, 1st of June the day of Gawai Dayak festival. i woke up with a fever. It is such an unfortunate day to be sick as today and tomorrow are public holiday. i actually planned to go out today, since that i never really go out on the other day of the week. Sometimes, not even weekends.

Actually i kind of felt the warning signs of the upcoming fever on the night before. As the night before i go off to bed, i felt my body temperature slightly higher than usual. i felt my throat dry and the upper inside of my mouth hurting and pulsing. i did however drank a bottle of water before i go to sleep but eventually that didn't help a bit.

Throughout the night i couldn't get a proper and good sleep, as i kept tossing and turning in my bed. Luckily the living room air conditioner was turn on and that helped cooled me a little bit. Somehow, when i do get my sleep, the next thing i know was, it's already morning.

i felt my head burning like hell, my throats dry, my back aches, the joints of my body aches, and my whole body was like it's on fire. The water was icy cold when i took my bath. So for the whole day today, i'm just sitting in front of my laptop, hoping for the fever to go away.
My plan of going out with my friend thrown out of the window.

Oh what a wasteful day!