True Love Iz Dead.

Ignorance+Utter Stupidity+Hope=Heartbreaks.

Three words in which perhaps suited to describe my unfortunate feelings towards her. Who am i talking about for some of you might asked.. well, it's my unrequited love of course. Somehow i just can't get her of my mind.

The thing about her is that she's my best friend. What makes she distance herself from me was when i told her how felt about her. That i wanted the relationship between us to be more than just friends.

Well since then, things are not as before. As she strictly wanted us to stay friends, i wanted more. What resulted from this confusion is quite simply friction. Not in a good way. Perhaps i might be repeating myself again and again, but i just can't think of the possibility that she would not be with me.

i just couldn't. i won't even want to have that thought cross my mind. Ever. Period.

Okay, i know. "True love" might be a thing of the past. A word that describe something that might be considered a myth. Haha.. it might even be called a hoax even. Simply put "True Love" in the context of this time right now, this era, this moment in time, it's an obsolete word. "True Love" is dead.

Although it breaks my heart to say it but it seems people through out the world albeit what colour of the skin, what race of the people, what language they speaks, what religion they believed in; material and possession are what determine how deep is one's love right now.

It seems that wherever one go in the world. Money, material, possession, status & wealth are still the priority to be considered as an aspect for a man to be fulfill. i know that i sound naive by saying this, but which girl would resist if there's such a man with the all the stability that he can offer came to offer a hand in marriage. Stability and a sure future is not that often to come by right?

Oh well.. i'm just going out of topic right now, if there is a topic to start with.

To wrap up this stupid post, in which came about from the sudden thought of her; when i think of her, i'd be overwhelmed by the sheer fear of losing even if the clear irony is that i am now losing her. Yeah, i am that stupid to force myself to believe that she's still single even though she's clearly have someone in mind.

i should've think about anything else but her. Crap..