Stupid.. Stupid Night..

i was just thinking about something tonight. Though thinking about it, made me depressed. Yes, of course no person in their right mind would want to stay in this sort of feeling & situation. i am so sick of this. So sick of myself for not letting this feeling go. So sick for letting this stupid feeling lingering and torturing me all the time.

You could call it stupid and pointless, yes i agree with that. Oh dear god, i couldn't help it. Whenever i think about it, i just lose my motivation, confidence and hopes. i would just feel hopeless and depressed.

Yup, i have been whining about like for freaking forever. Even some of my friends who stupid enough to read my blog got sick of it too. Some asked me about why i kept thinking about it and not letting this go. Well my answer is simple, "i just couldn't".

Crap.. i have no idea what it is actually that i wanted to blog about. Haha..