My Financial Part 1.

My financial side in the first half of this year have been terrible. By terrible i meant cash strapped. Although honest to say, i didn't feel that much of the recession impact that is affecting the globe but what i felt is more towards me having too many loans to pay in a short period of time.

This started when i bought my own car at the end of 2008. Of course that it is not a bad thing to have one. It's just that the timing that i bought one, was not quite right or suitable.. sort to speak. i should've at least save 10% of the down payment for the car. Why? if i were to prepare at least 10% of down payment or more, i would've reduced my monthly car loan payments.

So at the start of 2009, i have about 4 loans that i have to deduct from my monthly salary. Which are my car loan, 2 personal loans and a my laptop loan. All in which would in total if deducted from my salary would left me less than two hundreds bucks left to spend on everything else.

It was really hard for me to keep aside some money for savings. Not even for fifty bucks. It is frustrating to realize that now it's half year already and i have yet to save anything since the start of the year. Damn! i couldn't even save one hundred bucks.

The unfortunate thing is, i did however save one hundred or so for saving but i have to take it out and use it again as i don't have enough money other than that savings allocation to spend on something important like buying food.

i do hope after this couple months that the two of my personal loans have been paid up and i can save again. Although there a few things that i have to put aside that is important such as the car schedule service. Oh man.. it seems that i can never have enough to save. Crap..