i've Had A Lovely Day Today..

i've had a really nice lunch today, even if i was only spending my time with her for an hour or so. Unfortunately i made a stupid mistake by taking a long way around to get her back to work. If you're reading this, i'm sorry ey babe..

The funny thing was she didn't tell me before i miss the junction to her work place. Which is why sometimes i prefer not to talk when i'm driving. i'm easily distracted about the destination, not the driving part though. i've always put extra focus on that. The thing is, the stuffs that she talks about is always interesting, unlike my mundane and boring life. For those who have been reading my blog, would know that i am living a really boring and pointless life.

After i got her back to work, although late. (Sorry babe..) i decided to just drive around town, just driving before deciding what's my next destination. A few minutes or so, i decided to go window shopping for a new pair of sneakers. i've wore my current sneakers to shred.

i've always been a shoe's man. i never like wearing slippers, sandals or flip flops. i felt like my feet is not getting enough protection. Plus it is really practical especially when i needed to run, as one can't run properly in sandals right? Those things bound to break and would get you tripping, falling or what not. So shoes for me are the safest feet protection.

So here they are my sneaker wish lists, as you guys can see, except for one NIKE sneakers. The rest are ADIDAS sneakers. i really wish i could just get them all! Haha..

Much like the ones that Roger Federer's wore.

My second favourite.

My top favourite. i would probably get this one.. soon.

i do hope that by the time i have save enough money to buy the sneakers, it'd still be there. That no one would buy them, except for me of course. Cross my fingers.