How To Save & Invest Money In Plain English

i've found a couple of video guide or how to's type of things on YouTube, in which i find very interesting, entertaining and most importantly very informative yet easy to understand. This is How To Save & Invest Money In Plain English.

In this testing times, financial is perhaps on the very top of everyone's list. Of course each and every one of us want to keep as much money as possible so that one can use it in times of need. The funny thing is, why didn't we save some of it before the financial crisis hit us on our head. It seems that people only realise to save when the times is tough.

Although to save and invest money is actually plain and simple. To save money one can open a savings account and just dump their money in. To invest money one can choose which ever investment that can offer capital guarantee and high return, which what investing is all about; to grow/add money from money itself.

It's a good thing i found this video on YouTube that explains it as it is.

How To Save Money In Plain English

Investing Money In Plain English