Another Wasted Weekend: Due To Red Eye Infection

i actually had plans for this weekend. i wanted to take someone out. My plans was spoiled when my brother came home from his shuffle practice last Thursday night with an eye infection. Come Friday, i woke up that morning with an itchy sensation from my right eye.

i never thought that it has already been infected with the red eye infection. So i went to work as usual. The thing is when i woke up that morning my right eye was perfectly fine, it didn't have the symptoms like redness and puffy eyelids.

Unfortunately as the day progress, my right eye began to give me a lot of trouble. It started to itch badly, in which i wanted to rub but afraid that it might make it worst. Then it started to produce icky yellow colour discharge. From time to time i had to go to the bathroom to clear out the slimy yellow discharge. Then after lunch hour my left eye began to feel itchy. It too has succumbed to the infection.

So i thought to myself, there goes my weekend plan. Of course i could go on with it, but obviously it's stupid to infect your date with an infectious eye disease right? That would surely ruin one's chances to get another date. Hahaha...

This is me now, with red crazy zombie like eyes.

This is me later when the infection fully manifest itself. Haha!


Marie A. Garth said…
How terrifying! Hope you've recovered by now :)