My New Espresso Machine.. Wooohoo!

Last couple of months my parents was feeling so generous and bought me an Espresso machine. Although actually i am planning to buy one myself but why am i to refuse right? So for about two months already i have been trying to make my own favourite gourmet coffee.

The result? i totally fucking failed at it!

Hahaha.. no seriously.. all my experiment taste so bad and bitter that i have so add sugar to make it drinkable.

Oh wait, i forgot to tell you guys what my favourite gourmet coffee drinks are. So whenever i have the chance and the budget to spend at Starbucks or Coffee Bean, the two type of gourmet coffee that i would buy are:

1) Cafe Mocha
2) Cappuccino

So when i went to Coffee Bean outlet here in Miri, i was told that i'm using the wrong type of coffee. Apparently i need a special kind of coffee bean or bean mix to make a good taste espresso hence a good taste cappuccino or cafe mocha. The previous type of coffee that i used was this one, which actually suited for a French Press type of making coffee.

What i actually need was this one, or any type that is similar to this.

From Pictures From Viewty

Seriously though, i have no idea what and how to make a good taste cup of espresso so i'll take their word for it. i did ask for a few pointers on how to brew the perfect cup of espresso. Though in my observation it seems that each place have their own style of making a great tasted coffee, albeit Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

i'm hoping that my next cup of coffee would taste as good as theirs. i'll be doing a lot of experiment after this. Perhaps i'll have to read a lot more coffee making recipes & tutorials from now on. Hahaha..

At least i got one item of my wish lists now. Gazzilion more to go. Haha..

Get An Espresso Making Machine. [ Check ]