Idiopathic Stabbing Headache

i've been constantly having this minor headache today. Not the major painful headache that one would normally have but rather just strange electric shock like at the right back under the ear side of my head. Haha.. thats a mouthful.

It's isn't about the pain at all. Just that i'm so upset that it wouldn't go away. i felt it constantly throughout the day throbbing from the inside. The feeling of getting a small, always surprising electric like shock pain onto the back of my head have really affected my mood. i just kept to myself and not bothered with anything else but my own work.

The twitching it caused also bothers me a lot, even though the pain was not really the issue. Just the frequencies of me having it throught out the day.

Well nothing much happens today, nothing worth mentioning here. As you all know, i lead a really boring life. Just sleep, eat and work; repeat everday. Loving someone who doesn't give a damn about me. Just the same old shitty life. (Probably that's my frustration from the headache talking)

Anyways, after doing some research, i found out what my electric like shock on the back of the ear headache is called. It is called an Idiopathic Stabbing Headache.Wow.. Dead on the money. Idiopathic as in Idiot, maybe. Hahaha..

Well. i am an idiot. In Love with someone who doesn't love you back.