How To Make A Good Cup Of Cappuccino

Hahaha.. Sorry again, for the misleading title above. Unfortunately if by any chance you're came across this blog on how to make a good cup of cappuccino, you will not find it here. i am like you guys, trying to learn on how to make a good cup of cappuccino.

The title above is not a statement for a tutorial rather a question that i throw out to anyone who drops by my blog, if by a lucky chance they knew how to make a good cup of cappuccino. So if you do, teach me by adding on the comments below.

So what do one need to make a cup of cappuccino?

1. Fresh grind coffee beans
2. Milk

i'm using the beans that i bought from Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf cafe. i like the smell of the coffee beans, it didn't have that strong coffee smell that the regular coffee beans in the market. The beans have a kind of mild coffee smell. When i bought it, i had to ground the coffee beans on the spot as i still didn't have my own coffee grinder at home.

The steps that i did to make my coffee is as what i read of the internet and from watching tutorials in YouTube. Unfortunately, my cappuccino still taste not as good as the ones i bought at Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

The Steps:
1. The ground coffee is packed into the filter basket, tempted and place into the machine.
2. Brew the espresso and wait until no more than 20 seconds, and stop the brewing.
3. Steam the milk.
4. Pour the steamed milk into the espressos shot.

This should be the proper way to make a cup of cappuccino, but still my cappuccino taste not as good as i would/used to taste. Perhaps i should make a lot more and thus perfecting my barista skill. Haha.. i wish.