Geordies For Life.

All my friends & closest families knows that i am a Newcastle United diehard supporter. It has been a really disappointing season for us Toon Army. As the start of the season it does look a little promising when the Newcastle side was able to hold off the Manchester United to a draw match, even scoring the first goal by Obafemi Martins.

Though as the season progress, it doesn't look too rosey. Match after match the team is losing. Sam Alladyce sacked, Kevin Keegan resigned, Joe Kinnear couldn't do much, Chris Hughton was pointless and finally Alan Shearer was not the messiah. The fact that St James Park is no longer the fortress that is used to be, is just as disappointing. Everyone knows that a team should at least be winning in front of their own fans.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. The team has let down its fans time and time again when playing at home and of course away. Well, the damage is done. We're relegated, nothing can change that now.

All that is needed for us fans is to stay behind our team, in good and bad times, rallying them all through out the grueling championship season, and regain our dignity by going back up again.