How To Make $500USD In One Day..

Unfortunately guys, that is not a statement. That is a question i'm asking you all. Seriously, if any of you who unfortunately stumble upon *pun intended* my blog by googling "How to make $500 in one day", i'm so sorry. The title above is actually a question rather than a statement.

Again, if any of you by any hell of a chance are making $500 USD in one day, please by all means tell me. i want to know how. i want to learn. i want to do it. Please.. haha..

i'm not greedy if that what you're thinking. i'm just looking for a way to do what i love to do for a change. Rather than being told what to do, taking a hell lot of stress, taking a lot of emotional abuse, being have to give a lot and yet receive soo little.

i know. That is the gripes of a working man. It is the same through out the world isn't it?

actual amount here is RM1821, a roughly $490USD.

Yup, i'm rich.. only for a while. Well the month is still a long way ahead. Unfortunately, the fact that i'm a salary based worker, i would never ever be rich. A cold hard reality check. *sigh*