Head Ache & Heart Ache Combine = Catastrophe

Tonight i officially have a bad case of headache, though it is not as bad, painful & annoying as the other ones that i've had. Still, the headache that i'm having right now ruining my mood as well.

i'm feeling lazy.
i'm feeling uninspired.
i'm feeling really really bored.

It is strange isn't it, a simple pain such as a headache can ruin one's day/plan. i was planning to do quite a lot of things tonight but the headache that suddenly came crushing in ruined it. My headache usually occurred on the right side and the back of my head, tonight luckily i felt it only on the right side.

Usually when i shake my head and if i felt the tense on those region, i know that a headache would be coming soon. The unfortunate thing about me is, i always try to avoid taking painkillers such as paracetamol to remedy it.

i prefer to just sleep it off rather than taking pills. Hahaha..

Speaking of headache, my stupid heart also seems to be aching in pain as well. Perhaps it was due to me can't think of anything better to do. Stupid isn't it?

Catastrophe? Probably not, probably i'm just being such a drama queen..

P/s: Did anyone notice that YouTube is down today?