Hang Out & Great Diner

After work today a colleague suggested that we go out and have dinner together. The fact that i really didn't have anything to do at home, so i said yes. So the three of us; as i invited another one of my colleague, went to a new place in town.

Unfortunately, i'm not quite sure what's the name of that place. i was not paying attention for it, it was the spur of the moment decision to go and eat there. We were actually planning to go at Kopitiam Ipoh Town but on the way there, the one that suggested for us to have dinner just suddenly spotted that eating place and changed his mind, and wanted to eat there instead.

So the change in place meant uncertainty whether the food was any good or not. i just went along as i was already hungry at that time. Oh man, what a good decision that was..

The reason?

The food was great of course! What's the point of eating out if the food sucks right? The ambience was relaxing, though tonite it was kind of bit hot.. a little, with little to no breeze at all. The place was an open air eatery. Quite secluded location, if one were not to look carefully, but there is a neon sign just enough to mark it's place.

There is the usual table and chairs arrangement plus a few roofed cottage japanese like sitting area with no walls, much like the ones at some of the beaches hang out area. Sorry i'm not that good at describing things.

i wanted to take a few photos, but unfortunately my LG Viewty was low on battery. It hanging on to one bar of power. Damn!

So anyway, the three of us ate Sweet Lemon Chicken, Mix Vegetables with Oyster Sauce and Beef cooked with Garlic. i ordered Honey Dew Juice with sweetened milk for my drink, and the other two ordered the same thing.

It was a good hang out time with friends and topped with great tasting food. A great time well spent, i say.

The only picture i took before the Viewty battery's dead.