Another Scratch on My Car

i have a confession to make, even though i got my license for about 8 months now, i still quite suck at parallel parking. What i meant by quite suck is, sometimes i parked my car good, and sometimes i couldn't do it properly.

Unlike L/straight/vertical parking, which i can personally say i got it already. Totally unlike back five months ago in which even in a slanting parking space, i totally failed. i didn't park my car in the designated space, oftenly taking out other spaces.. hahaha..

See what i meant?

Anyway last week, when i tried parallel parking in front of the house. i accidentally hit the wall. The result? i scratched the bumper of my car. It's not much but the fact that i ruined the paint of my barely 4 months old car, makes that scratch mark a sore to the eye. Plus i still have yet to replace my stolen foglamps. Budget constraint.

The stupid wall.

Mark clearly visible here.

Marks on the lower part of the bumper.

Marks on the upper part of the bumper.

From a distance.

Although it didn't look that bad in these pictures, believe me it looked really bad. Due to the fact that it happened on a new car. In which made me really wanted to repaint my car to my favourite colour, Blue. Though i don't any budget for either. *sigh*