What Up With Me So Far, After A Long Absent From Blogging..

Damn it!
It has been quite a while since i've been blogging. i wonder how would that affected my traffic.. hhhmmm.. nah, the fact that i don't have any traffic before wouldn't make difference what so ever. hahaha..

Well what up with me lately you might asked? i think i'll just do a brief one, as it's already late.

My foglamps from my brand new Myvi Special Edition car stolen barely two months since i got it on the 31 of December 2008, that dreaded 16 of February 2009. God damn those motherfuckers..

On the 21st of February 2009 was the first time i try donating my blood. Yes, try. Why i chose the word "try"? Its because i didn't actually finish all the way, as i came close to fainting after a few minutes of blood transfusing.


i didn't know that before anyone wants to participate in blood donating, one should be prepare early by having a complete breakfast in the morning and did not do anything thats using too much energy. My mistake was i didn't have any breakfast that morning before i donated my blood.

My colleagues told me that my face and body turned freakishly and shockingly pale due to the my body instantaneous reaction while my blood was flowing out of me. A colleague who held my hand said that it felt frighteningly cold, and she also mentioned that perhaps probably that is how a person whose life has left him feels like. Cold.

What intrigued me was i can feel creeping reaction that my body make while my blood was pumping out. At first my feet slowly feels cold, from the toes and climbed up. Then my other hand felt cold, just like my feet, from my fingers.

Next my head felt light and dizzy. i felt the hall that i was sitting in started to spin slowly. My vision blurred a few times. i yawned a few times, and luckily the medical officer noticed my condition and quickly stopped the transfusion. If not that incident would make a funny video. Yes, there's a video but i didn't want to upload it yet, because i'm still somewhat embarrassed by it.

Someday maybe.. after a few edits, hahaha..


in motion said…
len kali sik pyh ngegeh2 mok derma darah..simpan utk kedirik jak mcm aku
ruki kenishiro said…
suka hati aku la mok derma ka sik..
cuma salah x makan pagi ya jak, mun x mmg dpt derma sampei abis..