Valentine's Day Most Over-Rated Video..

Saturday was Valentine's Day, in which i think is the most over-rated day of all. In a relationship, a couple shouldn't just wait for that specific day to do something special for each other. It should be every day.

Anyway, yesterday i was planning to go to the office and finish up some of my work before the auditor come, which most probably be next week(tomorrow). Though i didn't, because i woke up late, an hour before noon.

My Saturday was so boring, as i didn't go out anyway. i just stayed at home and surfed the internet. During that time, i found a couple of pointless video about Valentine's Day. Seriously, it's just another day in February, people.

i know.. Why would someone do that? Stupid..

Yeah, i "Survived" Valentine's Day alone.. ppfff.. so cliche.